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From: Joel Chue and Alvin Huang
Date: 27 Dec 2014

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"Step by Step, No-Brainer Way To
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If you are looking to quit your J-O-B or at the very least earn some money online to supplement your income, then you need Alvin & Joel's Authority Job Killer!

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By investing in Authority Job Killer YOU too can join the "exclusive" club of marketers who make a substantial income online and not waste any more time, energy and money on products which do not reveal the full picture!

Excellent job, Alvin & Joel!

David Walker

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Great product! I almost wish Authority Job Killer didn't exist. It took me years and many thousands of dollars to figure out how to really make money online.

Now AJK allows both the beginner and the more experience Internet marketer to avoid many of the costly and time-consuming mistakes and build their online business from the ground up the right way -- all for the price of a fast food lunch!

If you are making less than $5,000 per month online on a residual basis, you need Authority Job Killer. It belongs on your computer and on your desk. 

Alex Makarski


Look... the simple the fact is -- life is short.

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" Your Unique Twists And
Implementations Rock! "

Alvin and Joel... Authority Job Killer is outstanding!

You see, I've been in business since 1997, and have a firm grasp of Internet marketing. What you've put together are truely a set of core strategies that work. Truth is, it took me years to figure out the process for integrating the strategies. After doing so I've managed to easily profit online. And these are core strategies implemented by THE most successful online marketers too.

Your powerful product is right to the point getting ANYONE, regardless of skill level, up to speed in under an hour. In addition, your unique twists and implemenations rock! I'll be integrating them into my business right away! My only complaint is I wish I had this resource when I first started out online.

Eric Bonnici

" Easily Make 4 To 5 Figures Per Month With This Evergreen, Proven System . . . "

Hi Guys, I just got my hands on "Authority Job Killer" and I’m very IMPRESSED with what's inside! Amazing value for the small investment, I was surprised at the information revealed...

It's a mixture of old hand, tried and true methodology well laid out, and new and exciting techniques that even more advanced marketers can implement to leverage for big results.

You can easily make 4 to 5 figures per month with this evergreen, proven system, just use it!
Thank you for creating this Joel & Alvin...

Susan Lamb

But wait... there's more. Much more!

You'll also learn...

How To Easily, Ethically, and Honestly Create a Powerful Win/Win Situation Every Time... Offer It To Your Customers At A Discount They Just Can't Get Elsewhere... and Easily Get 10% to 15% Of Them To Jump At The Opportunity To Give You More Of Their Money! (And your customers are thrilled to do it because you've so overwhelmingly stacked the deck in their favor that they simply cannot lose on the exceptional deal you're offering!)

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The #1 and #2 Most Important “Rules” For Creating An Offer So Interesting... So Promising... and So Compelling That Genuine Prospects Are Automatically Drawn To It and Simply Can't Wait To Immediately Grab Whatever You're Offering So They Don't Leave Empty-Handed! (Solve this 2-part “puzzle” and your RESULTS are all but assurred!)

3 “Quick and Easy” Product Formats Almost Anyone Can Develop... High-Speed Product Creation Methods That Work Like Magic... and Vital Research Tips To “Plug” Any Cash-Leaking Holes! (Plus... how to “package” your product to convey MAXIMUM VALUE... and how you can easily go from idea to completed product in the shortest possible time!)

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" Talk About Over Delivering. . ."

All I can say is: WOW GUYS! I have just read the manual and watched the videos for your Authority Job Killer.. Talk about over delivering, great job guys. I know you are both highly successful and respected Internet Marketers, and this product just confirms your status once again.

Like I say its very easy to follow just read through the manual, which is then backed up by the step by step instructional videos. Its no fluff and I like that, straight to the point to teach you how to grow a five figure a month
business in the shortest time span possible.

If you are serious about making it online, as long as you implement the steps that are shown to you in this progrm.... And as long as you take ACTION you WILL see success. Guys you're giving away a fortune by selling this so low? You gotta
be kidding me right!

Marcus Passey

" Newbies & Professionals Alike Will Gain
From The Valuable Information
Inside This Product "

This is a great product for anyone who has the determination to start internet marketing, but lacks the knowledge and needs direction.

The content within this package is so great, that you will apply these techniques to every single internet business and niche that you start to explore. The videos go over the entire process in a simple step by step format that is easily followed. Internet marketing will make more sense after you go over what’s inside.

Newbies and professionals alike will gain from the valuable information inside this product. 


Blake Barrett


But hold on! We're not done yet. Not by a long shot!

You also get...

The All-Time Easiest Way To Create High-Value Information Products – Even If You Have Zero Experience... Barely Understand The Basics Of A Computer... and Haven't Written Anything But The Occassional Grocery List Since High School! (PLUS... we'll even point you to a powerful FREE software program that makes it incredibly easy – even for a complete novice!)

How To Create Your Own Video Products – Right On Your Own Computer and Without A Video Camera Of Any Kind – Using FREE SOFTWARE You Probably Already Have Installed On Your Very Own Computer! (Videos are all the rage these days... and the market's only getting BIGGER! No wonder YouTube.com is the second most popular “Search Engine” in the world! Here's how to cash in fast -- month after month -- the easy way!)

A Free and Easy Technique To Stuff Your Information Product Full Of Expert-Level Insights – Even If You're A Complete Beginner In Your Market! (This could very well the fastest, most hassle-free way EVER to create a product and get it on the market in only a few hours!)

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A Hands-Free Method Of Product Creation That Frees Up More Of Your Time and Leverages The Skills, Services, and Experience Of Others! (WARNING: It's easy to get burned! Here's what to do... what to say... and how to plan with precision -- so you get exactly what you want!)

The Instant Product Creation Technique That Bypasses 90% Of The “Grunt” Work Involved When You Do It Yourself! (Where to find top-notch, ready-made products... and the 2 steps you MUST take to skyrocket “percieved value” SO YOU MAKE LOTS MORE MONEY when you market your this kind of item to others!)

The Undisputed, Absolute BEST TIME To Sell Your Customer -- Effortlessly! (For newbies, this often seems counter-intuitive – and risky! But RESULT after RESULT proves that there's no better time to pad your profits than this VERY MOMENT!)

3 Explosive Secrets To Selling Additional Products To New Customers! (The secret to massive conversions NATURALLY – without hype... without high-pressure tactics... and without ever telling a single lie, just to get the sale!)

How To Easily Put Together A Knockout “Squeeze” Page That Regularly Converts 50% to 75% Of Visitors Into Eager, Enthusiastic Subscribers!

Why “Thank You” Pages Are The Most Overlooked and Underused Marketing Opportunites Ever! (Shocking research reveals nearly 80% of all marketers NEVER do this... and are therefore leaving the easiest money of all on the table!)

Best-Kept “Secrets” About Using Email Over The Short and Long-Term To Build An Inseparable Bond Between You and Your Customers! (Get this right and ANYTIME you're ready to recommend a new product – THEY'LL LISTEN TO YOU AND BUY!)

2 ADVANCED STRATEGIES To Fast-Track Your Success and Scale-Up Your Business To 5-Figures – Every Single Month! (Imagine... now you can tap into this ULTIMATE LEVERAGING TOOL and watch what happens as your business grows exponentially and effortlessly on autopilot! Stop wasting your time on non-essential tasks and focus on what's critical instead – here's how!)

Truthfully, “The Authority Job Killer” is all this... and more.

EVERY IDEA, EVERY METHOD, EVERY TRICK and EVERY TWIST you'll uncover is something that works for us day-in and day-out. And there's absolutely no reason why it can't produce the same ,real “cash-in-the-bank” results for you too.

That's why you should snap up this program for yourself today. Don't put it off! Instead, why not put these “power principles to work for you? In fact... you could be uncovering these strategic gems just moments from now!

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If I could show you a reliable method of generating enough income to say GOODBYE to your job just 3 months from now -- how much would you be willing to invest?

One thing's for CERTAIN... it's not going to cost you even 10% of what this foolproof system is actually worth!

After all, what you're getting is a...

VERY SPECIFIC, “start from scratch” system that requires NO special skills... NO previous internet making money know-how... and NO business experience at all!

We'll make it grade-school easy for you to set up your own SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS on a shoestring budget, so you can be up and running overnight and earning enough autopilot income so you can quit your job – before you know it!

" It's The Fastest... Easiest... Safest... and Most Powerful
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Remember -- “The Authority Job Killer” is a proven system. So there's no expensive, “trial and error” learning curve to endure. All the hard work has been done for you... so you'll be able to use this plug 'n play system straight away.

Plus... making enough money to free yourself from the shackles of a boring, dead-end job is only the first level of online success. It's your choice how far you want to go from there... and the sky's the limit!

Everything in this package is explained in clear English. All the content is laid out in a logical, A-Z way. Which means it's super-easy to read the manual... understand the videos... and most importantly, take action on these moneymaking techniques almost instantly.

Now here's what we'll also do to make this the best investment you ever make. We're going to throw in some free bonuses to help you quickly grasp these concepts, so you can run with them right away...

The Authority Job Killer Process Map
(Value $27)

Here's an all-in-one bonus that reveals the entire “Authority Job Killer” strategy on a single page! It's your perfect reference guide to print out and have on hand so you'll always know what to do next.

It gives you a clear, razor-sharp picture of every key detail in a concise map that's easy to grasp instantly.

So you get a quick, one-shot overview of the COMPLETE SYSTEM to help you stay on task ... on track... and on target... to continually lift you to greater successes and income levels – almost by default.

But that's not all you get! Because we're also giving you...

The Authority Job Killer Video Series
(Value $97)

These 3 videos were created with YOU in mind, to give you every possible advantage, insight, and related detail. We want to help you get the most out of this new system – right out of the box.

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is?

With your bonus process map and videos, the entire strategy will come to life right before your eyes. You'll get to see our special resources, our methods and our plan – in action. So you can turn it into INCOME for you.

Here's a sample of what's covered in the 3 bonus videos...

How To Use Freely-Available Facts and Figures About Online Searches To Help You Spot Unseen Markets and Tap Into Red-Hot Trends! (Follow the techniques in this video and discover for yourself a wealth of ideas, insights, and information worth investigating because most are either completely unaware of the power of this FREE resource – or they're just too lazy to use it!)

A Simple, Do-It-Yourself Method of Uncovering The Hottest Bestsellers – Right Up-To-The-Hour – So You Can Consider Bringing Proven Successful “Offline” Product Ideas To The Online World Of Instant Downloads!

5 Dirt-Cheap (Even Free) Ways To Snap Up Products Of Your Own That You'll Retain The Exclusive Rights To! (Plus... 3 “must-see” sources for the best deals on instant products to launch or grow your business – starting today!)

2 “Inside Secrets” To Taking Any “Stock Product” You Acquire and Making 10 To 100 Times More Valuable To Your Buyers – Quickly, Easily, and Cost-Effectively! (Wow! The end result can earn you thousands of dollars every single month because the VALUE you offer blows away every other competitor out there!)

3 Secret Strategies For Fast-Acting Results and Long-Term Marketing Success! (How to think... how to act... and how to reap the impressive rewards of the elite online entrepreneurs – even if you're just getting started!)

EXPOSED! An Exact, Step-By-Step Plan Of The Authority Job Killer System In Action! (Here's an actual “case study” so you can see the system in action... note it's power... and then follow these simple steps yourself to create your own automated income online!)

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So if you want to get in on the most value-loaded offer you've seen up to now -- don't put it off another second!

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Here's the BEST part...

The complete, Authority Job Killer package is yours TODAY for just $27

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" Maximize Your Sales & Revenue Online. . . "

Authority Job Killer is solid Internet marketing guide to raking in 4-5 figures a month on the Internet. It gives a great overview on how to structure and build your online business and I think it is highly relevant to both the beginner and the Internet marketing veteran.

What I like about AKJ is that it shares with you strategies that go above simply selling a product to your customer -- it teaches you how to expand your product range, create irresistible offers for your customers and ultimately maximize your sales and revenue online.

If you're not already applying these strategies that AJK is laying out for you, then you are blindly leaving money on the table and crippling your own ability to generate income online. And if you're just starting out on the Internet, AJK is a must-read so that you know exactly how to build your online business the right way from the get-go.

Adam Wong
(Author of National Bestseller Lucky Bastard!)

" Complete Blueprint For Online Success. . . "

Hi Alvin & Joel, Shane Purcell here from The Real Good Life Co. and I just wanted to let you guys know that your Authority Job Killer System is unbelievable!

I have never seen a more complete Blueprint for Online Success..I love the way your system is so easily explained and step by step videos and manuals leave little to error.

Anyone serious about making money online or taking the business they already have to another level?..Then I highly recommend Authority Job Killer!!

Shane Purcell
The Real Good Life Co.
IM Newbie Superstar 


ALL 6 parts of the package are included. So you get everything you need to earn a very real, 5-figure online income is included.

And yes... it's all yours for a small fraction of what this package is really worth... or what it would cost you to make these discoveries on your own.

" At Just $27 -- The ONLY Question On Everyone's
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We're making this so affordable simply because we want to remove EVERY OBSTACLE in the way of YOUR SUCCESS.

We want to put this within the reach of anyone who wants an honest and legitimate way to make money online. So we've completely eliminated the price barrier.

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Since our costs to deliver it to you are so low... and the fact that almost every customer we've EVER had has returned to buy from us again, it made sense to slash the price as close to ZERO as possible.

You get a well-deserved break in the midst of a difficult economy... and we get the pleasure of serving you as our new customer.

Since it's a digital product (ebook and videos) it can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading the manual or watching the videos and discovering our highly-effective methods in just minutes.

Anyway you look at it -- it's a bargain for you. But be forewarned, we plan on raising the price to $67 after a limited amount of copies are sold. It'll still be a great deal... but if you want to save the most money – you need to act NOW!

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" Your 60-Day, RISK-FREE, 100%
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We value, respect and appreciate you as our customer. And we do our best to help you in EVERY way.

But if you're not happy with “The Authority Job Killer” for any reason (or no reason at all) we don't expect... nor do we want... to keep your money. Simply let us know and we'll gladly refund your money in full – on the spot. No questions asked. And no hard feelings either.

And the ebook and videos are yours to keep -- no matter what. Consider it a “thank you” gift from the two of us – just for giving our latest product an honest try.


The complete package is yours no matter what. Use it for all it's worth and you can't help but get great results. But if by chance it doesn't work for you, we want to know about it, so we can issue a complete and instant refund.

" Who Ever Thought A Tiny Investment Could Be
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So you simply can't lose! Your cost is less than $30... and it's completely guaranteed. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing at all.

And you don't have to take our word about how effective this information can be for you. Just listen to what other people have to say about “The Authority Job Killer”:

" Step By Step System Showing You How To Say Good-bye To Your Boring 9-5 Job. "

Discover the secrets to setting up your very own cash pumping job killer product! The Authority Job Killer program is a step by step system showing you how to say good-bye to your boring 9-5 job.

Interested to create irresistible offers that sell real fast? Delve into the mind of your prospects...it's all possible with this system. Let Alvin & Joel show you the way.

I suggest you get this A.S.A.P. It's awesome.

Gary L Lewis

" Using A Few Of These Sweet Techniques To Build My Online Business To New Heights. "

Outstanding! In a warm and engaging style, Joel & Alvin lead you by the hand and guides you into the land of successful online marketing.

This product reveals the entire methods---from soup to nuts---and it will work for anyone who uses it. Some of the resources in this amazing course were a surprise, even to me. You better bet I'll be using a few of these sweet techniques to build my online business to new heights. 


Misako Ayuni

" Lays Out The 3 Key Elements To Building A 5 Figure Internet Marketing Business. . . "

Authority Job Killer lays out the 3 key elements to building a 5 figure Internet Marketing business. I have never seen it explained so clearly and succinctly.


Allen Davis

" Jammed Packed With Golden Nuggets
Of Useful Information. "

If you’re looking for cutting edge online marketing tactics. Then Authority Job Killer certainly delivers! Jammed packed with golden nuggets of useful information. Its simple step-by-step instructions will help you get your online business up and running real fast.

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